Undercoating is a specialized protective coating designed for the undercarriage of vehicles. The undercarriage, being the most exposed part of a vehicle to road elements like salt, dirt, and water, is highly susceptible to corrosion and rust. Scorpion’s undercoating product provides a durable barrier against these elements, helping to prolong the life and integrity of the vehicle.

The undercoating is typically a thick, viscous liquid that is applied to the clean and dry surfaces of a vehicle’s undercarriage. Once applied, it forms a tough, rubberized layer that seals out moisture, salt, and other corrosive substances. This barrier not only protects against rust and corrosion but also can reduce road noise due to its sound-dampening properties.

Scorpion Undercoating is designed to be long-lasting and is resistant to chipping, abrasion, and extreme temperatures, making it an effective protective measure for vehicles in a variety of climates and driving conditions. It is often used by both individual vehicle owners and commercial vehicle fleets to maintain and preserve the underside of cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles.